Mixed Media, Quilts, Collage, and Fiber Arts


A condensed history of Joan Schulze’s art making on cloth and paper begins in 1970. Starting with her first quilt in 1974, Schulze altered fabrics in a variety of ways.


In the late sixties, she was dyeing fabrics. Moved onto photography and photocopy processes in the 1970’s. By the 1980’s, she was painting and applying transfers – Xerox, direct and glue. Later in 1990, she was using digital technologies and to this day her fearless interest in technology continues.

Many curators have noted that Joan Schulze’s work relates to collage and poetry. Themes have evolved over the years. Her quilts from year 2000 continue to show her interest in nature and the urban landscape. More recently Schulze has been exploring and combining new themes related to dancing and movement.

Her black and white compositions on silk are the result of experiments to reinvent the drawing process. These toner drawing quilts use the photocopy machine to not only print on cloth but to create new images and marks layered on previously altered surfaces. These complex art works combine favorite themes in new ways only possible by layering digital photography, the older photocopy processes and painted cloth and paper.

Joan Schulze

Maintains a career that has expanded over a number of decades; she received her education at the University of Illinois; her work has been widely exhibited and published in numerous catalogs and publications.

An independent artist and lecturer; visited 17 countries since the 70s;
Schulze has work in many museum and private collections; is highly regarded for her work in collage and fiber arts; exhibits and lectures internationally.

Museum Collections

Fresno Art Museum, Fresno, California
Newark Museum, Newark, New Jersey
The National Quilt Museum, Paducah, Kentucky
Racine Art Museum, Racine, Wisconsin
Renwick Gallery / Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of American Art,Washington DC
Museum of Arts & Design, New York City, New York
Oakland Museum of California, California
San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, California
Ararat Regional Art Museum, Melbourne, Australia
U. S. Embassy, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
The Danish Textile Museum, Herning, Denmark
Tsinghua University Art Museum, Beijing, China
Musée ArtColle, Sergines, France
Museo de Collage, Morelos, Mexico
International Museum of Collage, Assemblage & Construction, New Mexico
Puke Ariki Museum, New Plymouth, New Zealand
International Quilt Study Center & Museum, Nebraska
Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, Colorado

Private Collections

Australia, New Zealand, England, France, Germany, Holland,
Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Japan, China, Canada,
Singapore, Israel and USA

Solo International Exhibitions

Joan Schulze Shenzhen China, Tsinghua University, China
Ararat Regional Art Museum, Melbourne, Australia
Colorida Art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
Danish Textile Museum, Herning, Denmark
Galerie Smend, Cologne, Germany
National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England

Juried Exhibitions

Quilt National ’13, Quilt National ’17, Quilt National ’19, Dairy Barn Center for the Arts, Ohio

Fiber Art International 2013 Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and Society for Contemporary Craft, Pennsylvania

Beyond Function: Fiber, Fabric and Finery de Saisset Museum, Santa Clara University, California

Art by Women Wachovia Corporation Collection, Sheldon Museum of Art, Lincoln, Nebraska

Realm of Diversity and Equality International Exhibition of Seven Contemporary Arts, Shandong University, Jinan, China

Connecting Cultures and Colors, First Kyrgyz-American Quilt Exhibit Museum of Fine Art in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

30 Distinguished Quilts Artists of the World Exhibition Tokyo Dome, Japan

Quilted Constructions: The Spirit of Design American Museum of Folk Art, New York City, New York

Art & Science International Exhibition & Global Symposium National Museum of Fine Art, Sponsored by UNESCO, Beijing, China

Of Time and Place: Layered and Stitched Textiles Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, Texas

Putting-It-All-Together: Collage, Montage, Assemblage Climate Gallery, Long Island City, New York

" ... Improvising during the painting, image-transfer processes and collaging of materials while chasing an idea at hand creates adventure in the studio where thoughts are made visible."